(1) Women’s breast cancer screening project in Cambodia

Using the global grant of Hiroshima South Rotary Club and The Rotary Foundation, we tried to conduct a woman breast cancer screening project in Cambodia for 3 years from 2014, and to take a remote diagnosis.

On 5th to 7th March 2014, with the cooperation of one mammary gland specialist (Professor Kenji Higaki) and one ultrasonic examination technician (Hiroko Hurley, engineer), in the regional city Kampot in the southwestern part of Cambodia, We conducted a clinical breast examination and ultrasound diagnosis. Five women suspected of having breast cancer were found out of 190 examinees, and we examined the biopsy and others.

The 2nd examination was conducted at Kampong Cham located in the northeastern part of the capital city of Phnom Penh from December 2 to 4, 2014, and 6 women with suspected breast cancer were found out of 250 examinees . From these two experiences, people with abnormal findings were found with a probability of about 10 times as much as the screening in Japan, and it was decided to recognize the usefulness of screening again.

As a next step, we invited five Cambodian doctors to Hiroshima from 7th to 15th April 2015 and teached basic knowledge for breast cancer screening. In addition to epidemiology, pathology, diagnostic methods, and therapy, it consists of mastering the practical skills of ultrasound diagnosis and tours of examination facilities in Hiroshima. This aimed at having them prepare to carry out breast cancer screening system in Cambodia by themselves.

In the examinations they did at Kampong Cham again in November 2015, Cambodian doctors took the initiative and further improved the screening technique.

Finally, in June 2016, a free check-out facility (Sothea Inai Consulting Room) was established in Phnom Penh, where we installed a device that enables remote diagnosis of echo images. Currently, at the facility, breast cancer screening activities by staff, mainly Dr. Somana, are being conducted, and remote diagnosis of ultrasound images which is difficult to diagnose is done.




(Staff at the first medical examination.March 2014)

(Interview scene at the second medical examination.December 2014)

(Training of breast cancer screening in Hiroshima [Ultrasonic diagnosis] .April 2015)

(Staff at the 4th screening.November 2015)

(A free check-out office opened in Phnom Penh.March 2016)

(Scene to transmit Ultrasound diagnostic images at the free check-out office.May 2016)

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