(2)Project for Medical Inspection of the pneumoconiosis in Mongolia


We plan to conduct a project “Improvement of diagnostic ability asbestos-exposure-related respiratory disease in early phase of pneumoconiosis and asbestos exposure” to Mongolia and to JICA ‘s Partnership Program (a special framework for regional activities) Hiroshima prefecture (governor Hidehiko Yuzaki) became a business proposer, and this NPO will be responsible as the implementation organization. During the three fiscal years from April 2017 to March 2020, the fiscal year was approved to use a budget of approximately 50 million yen.

We will conduct training in Mongolia and Japan (Hiroshima) for doctors responsible for the diagnosis of respiratory diseases and asbestos related diseases. In addition, we will improve the quality of the images educated by radiologists and taken at screening etc. We will teach pathological examination engineers in Mongolia and Japan (Hiroshima) to improve the quality of pathological specimen specimens.

In addition, for the continuity of efforts to improve this diagnostic ability, we aim to construct a remote diagnosis system (image diagnosis and pathological diagnosis) between Mongolia and Japan.


(Asbestos pipe left on road in Ulan Bator, July 2013)


(Cross section of the asbestos pipe in Ulan Bator, July 2013)

(Lecture on Respiratory disease caused by asbestos in Daruhan, July 2013)

(Consultation at the JICA office in Ulan Bator, September 2016)

(Visit to the Parliament of Mongolia in Ulan Bator, September 2016)


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